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Welcome to Mbacke Fall Daara! We are an International Islamic Community headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  We love Classical & Golden Age Islam.  We are a close-knit and learned community dedicated to “preserving and promoting” the “message and methodology” of Muhammad Rasullulah (saw) as taught by The Mujaddid Khadim Rasul Cheikh Ahmed Bamba Mbacke.

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We are MBACKE FALL DAARA!!! A community of men, women, and children dedicated to worshiping Allah, teaching Classical & Golden Age Islam, and to promoting and preserving our highly civilized and priceless culture.

  • Sokhna Mariama

    Sokhna Mariama is our psychologist in training and works as a domestic violence counselor.  She serves as a teacher in Mbacke Fall Daara for young ladies and women teaching about the critical role women have played in Islamic History and the contributions they have made to Islam.  She also teaches women the basics of Fiqh and about the Life of Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him).

  • Serigne Mustafa Mbacke-Fall

    Serigne Mustafa Mbacke-Fall is Director of Mbacke Fall Daara’s Futuwwah & Muruwah Program (manhood training and spiritual chivalry) for brothers.  He is responsible for implementing “The Traumatized Women’s Workshop” (for men only) where brothers learn how to interact with women who have experienced the following:

    1. Raised without fathers or sufficient male role models.
    2. Molested, sexually assaulted, or raped by family members or outsiders.
    3. Who entered relationships/marriage prematurely and as a result suffered psychological, emotional, sexual, physical, or financial abuse.

    He believes firmly that an institution that serves the people is one that is both prevention and solutions based in it’s social programs.  He is also preparing to translate the works of Khadim Rasul Cheikh Ahmed Bamba to make them available for English speaking people.

  • Yaa Zanabu

    “Yaa Zanabu” is the first mother of the original daara started in Illinois.  Although she is no longer with us (May Allah be pleased with her) she set the example for us to follow.  She worked as an air traffic controller and was an ardent student of the teachings of Cheikh Ahmed Bamba.  She took many into her home and allowed them to learn and stay when they had no place to go.  She fed members and visitors in the daara.  She had a voracious appetite for reading and wrote newsletters addressing social issues of the community and African-Americans in general.  She encouraged education and personal growth.  She was no non-sense and put her money where her mouth was buying members gifts for Ramadan and funding annual events.  She was a Muslim woman of the highest caliber and we are blessed to still follow the example she set for us before her departure of this earthly life.

  • Pape Demba Seck

    Pape Demba Seck is our Resident Master Artist and Cultural Exchange Director located in Dakar, Senegal.  He is a self-taught artist with no formal training and has been producing amazing works that have been featured in many art festivals.  He produces beautiful drawings and paintings for Mbacke Fall Daara in promoting our culture as well as facilitating the teaching of African-Americans about African History and teachings of Cheikh Ahmad Bamba.  He produces commissioned works on request.  You may contact him on Facebook or email him at mbackefalldaara@gmail.com, please include “Pape Demba Seck” in the subject line.


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We love to help people learn about Islam. We teach Classical & Golden Age Islam. We understand the importance of you learning your religion properly. We offer the curriculum you need in order to advance and reach your highest potential.

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"And I have not created the jinn and the men except that they should worship me" Holy Quran 51:56


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We develop quality Muslims by using the best classical Islamic books available and teaching critical thinking in order to produce individuals who change themselves and the world.

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The Children of Israel: African-Americans & Latin-Americans in The Holy Qur’an By Serigne Mustafa Mbacke-Fall Islam is a complete way of life which lacks nothing for the Muslim.  It is worth noting that anyone who says that they are Muslim by pronouncing the Shahada of “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is his

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Understanding Murīdiyya from ʿAjami Sources: Muh̩ammad Mah̩mūd Ñaŋ’s “Jaar-jaari-Boroom Tuubaa” (Itineraries of Boroom Tuubaa) Fallou Ngom Boston University Abstract Although Murīdiyya is one of the most studied Tawssawuf religious brotherhoods of Africa, its endogenous ʿajami literature (referred to as Wolofal) remains largely understudied. The external scholarship on Murīdiyya generally focuses on its history, its non-violent

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